Toilet Flush Valves

FlushKING range of replacement WC dual flush valves for toilet cisterns, easy fit with no tools, save money & water too.

  • Save water & money.
  • Next working day delivery available.
  • Convert old lever flush to push button.
  • For repairing or refurbishing toilets or WC

 A toilet flush valve is the new name for your old toilet syphon. The flush technology now is much improved, and we can't recommend changing your flush valve enough.

The dual flush method will conserve water by allowing you to choose what flush quantity is required. The units will fit all cisterns, and you can choose from a push button method or a lever method, depending on your preference. The fleximount unit allows you to cater for flush buttons in unusual places.

Choose the flush valve that works for you from the product list below.

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