What flush valve to choose, when there are loads of different flush valves or syphons?

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="562"]What Flush Valve do you have? What Flush Valve do you have?[/caption]

They really actually all do the same job but operate slightly different. Most toilets are the same so it is just the mechanism’s that are different.

The part of the toilet that stores the water is called the cistern and these will have in generally a 2” opening at the bottom to which the 1 ½” siphon sits into. Any siphon is just a valve that opens and drops the standing water into the toilet or pan. How the siphon valve works is dependent on the mechanism and the action.

There are a few types of actions but they all have the same result to flush water through an opening. You may look into your toilet and it all looks different to our flush valves and you think whoa! I need a plumber!

Do not be afraid we have some great videos to watch before you start but lift the lid and have a look.

There are two main types of toilet, close coupled and low level. The first one is self-explanatory and the cistern sits directly on the pan. Low level uses a flush pipe to connect to the pan and this is common in concealed toilets and some of the older types. In both cases they can use any type of siphon or flush valve.

So next you need to establish what type of mechanism you have and how it works to flush.

A lever flush uses as it suggests a handle on the side of your cistern to operate a arm that literally lifts up the syphon and opens the valve or hole. A push button can work with either air or a cable like on a bike brake. So check what you have and then have a look to see what you would like to replace it with. There is also a top press mechanism that uses rods to push down on a open the valve. So you may lift the lid and find what look like pencil rods hanging down from the cistern lid connected to the button underneath.

So when deciding what flush valve you have, please don’t get bound up in what you have they all can be replaced but it may not look the same. The action of putting water into the pan is easy but FlushKING offers the most modern devices that use less water and have a great life span if maintained correctly. Plus not only that you can always send us a picture and we will let you know what to do.