Need help to diagnose toilet problems?

If you have got toilet problems then it is always best to share a problem, because a problem shared is a problem halved!

You may feel a bit shy or have the English reserve to start talking about your toilet but here at FlushKING your secret is safe with us.

The first thing you neeed to do is have a good old look and decide what is actually going wrong with your toilet.

There are basically 2 critical functions of your toilet which we are sure you are aware of "Flushing" & "Filling" 43.5 million toilets in the UK do this, so you should be aware of these functions.

So you know what a toilet does and what it is meant to do. So what is it not doing?

Not flushing or filling are real problems because these are basic operations that are required to get rid of your daily functions.

One of the best ways to diagnose toilet problems is to listen and look, see if things are either not happening or there are different noises to normal.

Looking seems obvious, but lift that lid and have a look in the cistern and see what is happening.

The next thing to check is how things feel when you are operating them, like the cistern lever or button to check if it is functioning.

Toilets are not that complex you just need to have a good old dig around and get under it and open it.

The more you know about your toilet the easier it is to fix it.

If the toilet is not filling then when you open the cistern there will be no water entering through the ball valve.

This will cause a problem when flushing and is easily rectified using our easy to understand blogs and videos.

For non-flushing issues then you need to follow the button, lever or puller back to the syphon or flush valve to see what is actually going on.

There are unfortunately not always a straight forward and fix for a toilet problem and this why here at FlushKING we sell great Complete Repair Packs to suit all toilets and problems.