What is a flush valve?

Modern toilet cisterns have come a long way since they where first invented, and the latest development is the push button dual flush valve.

Inside the toilet cistern there are two main components:

They do what they say on the tin! It's how they do it that has seen the most advances.

In the case of the Flush Valve, this has replaced the old bulky standard syphon, which had a plastic diaphragm in them that would create a vacuum to allow water to pass through into the toilet bowl.

These valves can be temperamental, and waste a lot more water than is necessary, as if the diaphragm wasn't intact it could fail to create a sufficient vacum and only a bit of water would flush through.

Also, they do not, in most cases, have a built in overflow, and require a plastic pipe from the side of the cistern to carry water away should the fill valve fail to close.

A modern Flush Valve is button operated, and has a dual flush which can be adjusted to suit any household.

The dual flush saves water by allowing for a half flush in the case of liquid waste and a full flush for solids.

The button is also a lot more efficient as it merely lifts a plug to allow a pre-set amount of water pass to the bowl, and then shuts. It does not have a diaphragm and isn't creating a vacuum.

The best part about a modern flush valve is that they have a built in overflow, which means that if the fill valve fails any overflow will fall through the center of the flush valve and into the bowl and can be seen quicker.

Types of Flush Valve

Top Press Flush Valve: Used in toilets where the cistern lid has a push button or hole in it, above the flush valve inside the cistern.

FlexiMount Flush Valve: Used for replacement in multiple applications such as concealed cisterns in furniture or to convert an old lever flush cistern into a push button version. Basically put, anywhere that a push button is required and is not a top press.

Standard Toilet Syphon: Used when a one-for-one swap is required, and the requirement is to maintain the flush lever in toilets such as a high level Victorian cistern. In this situation, a push button conversion would not be practicable.

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Did you know?

The Environment Agency has developed a methodology for identifying and classifying relative levels of water stress in water company areas in England. The Government has used this map to designate areas of serious water stress for the purpose of accelerating water metering.