What is a Fill Valve?

A Fill Valve allows for the controlled filling of the toilet cistern automatically, without the need to stand and watch the level so it doesnt overflow. It is the modern day replacement to the old Brass Ball valve with a ball float, these are prone to corrosion and the float splitting.

A float attached to the fill valve drops when the toilet is flushed, which in turn opens the valve that is connected to the cold water supply pipe.

As the water level in the cistern rises, so does the float on the fill valve. Once the float reaches a preset height (determined by the internal overflow level on your flush valve.) the valve is closed by the float.

There are various types of Fill Valve

Features of a FlushKING Fill Valve include

  • Anti Syphon, preventing backflow of the water into your water supply to avoid contamination
  • Hand tight, no tool installation
  • Consistent quiet flow
  • Easy twist water level adjustment

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Did you know?

The Environment Agency has developed a methodology for identifying and classifying relative levels of water stress in water company areas in England. The Government has used this map to designate areas of serious water stress for the purpose of accelerating water metering.