Toilet macerators

Sololift2 is a range of Macerators that can help you place a toilet anywhere you need one. FlushKING has partnered with Grundfos to supply all your toilet... repair and replacement needs. Please note: Sololift2 pumps cannot be delieverd by us on a next working day delivery.  We will dispatch them via a 3 working day delivery service.
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  1. SoloLift/2 CWC-3
  2. SoloLift/2 WC-1
  3. Grundfos SoloLift/2 C-3 lifting station
    £381.72 Incl. VAT
    SoloLift/2 C-3
  4. Grundfos SoloLift/2 D-2 lifting station
    £344.28 Incl. VAT
    SoloLift/2 D-2
  5. SoloLift/2 WC-3
5 Items
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