FlushKING 5 Year Guarantee

Flushking products are built to perform and last.

We do however appreciate that sometimes, things go wrong. We dont want you to worry about that so we are confident enough to give a 5 Year guarantee on all our products.

In the unlikley event of your FlushKING product failing due to manufacturing or material error we will exchange the item for you, just contact us on 02392 751306 or email us your proof of purchase to sales@flushking.co.uk and we will be happy to help.

5 Year Guarantee

Subject to the "Conditions" set forth below, FlushKING™ promises to the purchaser to repair, or at the discretion of FlushKING™ to replace any part of the plumbing product that proves to be defective in manufacturing or materials under normal use for 5 years from the date of purchase.

All costs of removal, transportation and re-installation to obtain warranty service shall be paid by the consumer. During this "Guarantee" FlushKING™ will provide, subject to the "Conditions" section set forth below, all replacement parts free of charge, necessary to correct such defects. This "Guarantee" is null and void if this plumbing product has not been installed and maintained in accordance with all written instructions accompanying the product.


FlushKING ™ shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages, including costs of installation, water damage, and personal injury or for any damages resulting from abuse or misuse of the product, from over tightening or from failure to install or maintain this plumbing product in accordance with the written instructions.

Do not use drop in cistern toilet bowl cleaners containing bleach or chlorine. Use of these products will result in damage to components and could cause flooding and property damage. Use of such products will void this Guarantee.

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Did you know?

The Environment Agency has developed a methodology for identifying and classifying relative levels of water stress in water company areas in England. The Government has used this map to designate areas of serious water stress for the purpose of accelerating water metering.

Water Stress