Do You Have A Leaking Toilet?

Here are a few common issues that people face with a leaking toilet. Have a look, and see if any of these scenarios apply to you. You will get advice on this page, and chances are it will be cheap to fix using a FlushKING product!

Is your toilet overflow pipe dripping outside your house?

Do you have water staining down the brickwork of your house?

Do you want to banish your unsightly overflow pipes?

An old fashioned toilet cistern had the unfortunate design fault of a big red ball float in it to allow the cistern to automatically fill itself and shut off once the float had risen to a pre-set level. However, these floats were prone to developing holes and would take on water, and lower the level that the float would rise to, causing the valve to stay in the open position.

Another design flaw was that the best route for that water to take was an overflow pipe through an external wall. This would usually be a 22mm plastic pipe coming out of the side of your house close to where the toilet is located. If this pipe was left to drip or run, vast amounts of water are wasted if it is left for a long time. If this overflow pipe is continually running or even dripping it indicates the cistern Fill Valve is leaking and needs replacement.

Is your toilet fairly new, and doesn’t have a ball valve in it?

Can your toilet still be leaking or wasting water?

Yes, it can still have a faulty fill valve, it’s just a little less obvious that it is overflowing.

A modern toilet will have an internal overflow Flush Valve fitted, which is great as it removes the unsightly overflow pipe and saves drilling a hole in your house for it. But it does mean you need to look out for the signs that your cistern is overfilling.

There are only 2 signs this is happening and they are discreet.

  1. You will see water constantly trickling on the back of the inside of the pan. This may be very slight or a continuous flow, you may even have a build-up of limescale if it’s been going on for a while.
  2. You may hear it. If you have high water pressure and your fill valve is letting in a lot of extra water you may hear the flow of the pipe faintly, but don’t assume it’s not just because you can’t hear the water landing as many fill valves have a silent fill system meaning the water enters from below the water level rather than dropping onto the water surface.

Should I replace my toilet if it's an old toilet and I have a leaky fill valve?

My toilet's really old, I won’t be able to get a replacement part will I?

Yes, and yes. This can be rectified easily and quickly with a FlushKING fill valve. There are four models to choose from and you will find a valve to suit all toilets new and old.

Did you know?

The Environment Agency has developed a methodology for identifying and classifying relative levels of water stress in water company areas in England. The Government has used this map to designate areas of serious water stress for the purpose of accelerating water metering.