Forget Christmas, forget fireworks night or Halloween this is the day that all at FlushKING wait for with huge expectation. It is our day to revel in all the workings of the most undervalued feature in our homes. There is nothing worse than a toilet that does not fill or flush and World toilet day shines a light on the fact that toilets are really important to our everyday lives. You may say , “of course it is” but how many times do we just take it for granted and how many times have you been in a difficult position or in a restaurant, pub or venue when there is a broken toilet. It creates a queue and actually a certain amount of anxiousness among the patrons and not only that it is really messy.

Getting your toilet in order and giving it a bit of TLC is nothing to be ashamed of and actually you might even get some praise from your partner if you can fix your own toilet. TLC for your WC is the name of the game and there are a few things that you can do just to make sure you give your toilet the attention it needs.

  • Check frequently for leaks and constantly running water in the pan.
  • Check that when you flush the ball valve closes as it stops flushing otherwise you could be flushing clean water down the pan.
  • Check that you are not flushing too much water and if you are fit a new ball valve and regulate the fill or a new flush valve and regulate the flush.

If you ever want to talk about toilets on World Toilet day then please feel free to login to or send us an email because we will be celebrating and will definitely have toilets on our mind.