World toilet day 2016, raise your awareness.

A lot of people in the developed world take toilets for granted and it is easily done especially here in the UK where we have over 40 million toilets. The problem is for the 2.4 billion people who do not have any access to a toilet going is a serious problem for not only them but their environment and other people around them.

Basic sanitation should be available to all and probably the biggest killer in developing countries because it spreads disease and inhibits development. If you have ever been wild camping or gone native in a foreign country you will know that it is not only awkward but you have to plan your timings.

We have forgotten the inconvenience and preparation required to be clean and tidy without a loo.

The toilet is often the first thing you look for when you visit a new place and how often have you commented on how bad the loos are or demanded a better alternative. Here at FlushKING we offer a service of making sure that your toilet is working and supply parts to fix the inconvenience of a broken one.

Although an important function it pale into obscurity when you think of the colossal issue of billions who do not even have one to fix! I am sure they would make sure it was a fixed and flushing every day and probably show it off.

So if you want to find out more about WTD 2016 have a look at their website.

Understanding and thinking about the issues of not having a loo is the first step and we aim to bring you updates and news on this important day soon.

Yes we are biased on the subject and yes it is something to write and blog about but you never know it may be one more person we have helped to raise the awareness.