Toilets are a funny thing and for us here at FlushKING our heart and soul.

If a toilet is not working then we want to know about it and try and solve what the problem is and where we can help.

In one situation there is little we can do accept offer our sympathies and try and offer the best advice based on our experience. The blocking of a toilet is a major catastrophe and it can be a real day downer.

So without going into too much information on what blocks a toilet please find some tips on how you might go about fixing it and unblock a toilet.

The first thing to establish is why and if it is debris blocking the toilet like paper and you are feeling brave then the quickest way is using an old mop as a plunger.

This will give you good pushing ability and if you do not have a plunger it is the next best thing. If the toilet is backing up with water then the issue could be further down the line and you may want to inspect your drains outside.

Water should freely run out of the bowl down the soil pipe. If it is not then you can use the mop method or plunger to create some force and dislodge the blockage.

If you are not feely that brave or want to that close to it all then you can buy a liquid drainer cleaner that can come in an acidic and alkaline form. Both are good and need to be treated with care and used in accordance with the instructions.

This will burn through the blockage and hopefully free it all up for the water to pass easily through.

If all this fails then you are going to need some drain rods or get the professionals in to unblock your blockage.