world plumbing day

Every year on the 11th of March is World Plumber Day. The international day is organised by the World Plumbing Council – an organisation that aims to develop and promote the image and standards of the plumbing industry worldwide.

The main objective of the day is to inform and educate the public of the important role played by the industry in keeping our towns and cities sanitary. Remember, clean water isn’t a luxury. It’s an essential part of sustaining growth.


Preventing Disease


While it may not be the biggest day of the calendar, it is important to remember and understand why clean plumbing is so important.

Clean water and good quality plumbing systems help prevent disease. Especially in parts of the world that don’t have the greatest infrastructure. Diseases that could otherwise be prevented by clean water and sanitary conditions amount to 3.5 million deaths per year. Half of these deaths are from diarrhoea.


Collectively we can change the World


While Governments and the like might not hear our protests, we can make an effort to do what we can in our own home. Energy conservation is now a worldwide movement. It’s not optional, it’s a responsibility.

If the majority of products were as environmentally responsible as the FlushKING then we would be in a much better position in terms of sustainability.