There is nothing better than flushing the loo to see it all disappearing down the toilet, but if you have an old siphon and it is not a dual flush then you are flushing way too much water. Here are our top tips to save water in the home.

A standard siphon will flush up to 9 litres of water whereas a new FlushKING dual flush mechanism will flush a maximum of 6 litres and this is fully adjustable. Furthermore the dual flush units allow you too choose how much water of the 6 litres that you flush as you can flush half and full. This is done by the button or lever  allowing you too choose which one you press or lift according to what is required to flush your toilet.

So if you want to save water the first step is to fit a dual flush unit and you will start saving water straight away. You may also want to consider the close coupled clamp kit including the doughnut washer that will replace the seal to make sure you do not get any leaks.

To further increase the reliability, consumption, noise and flexibility of your toilet consider purchasing from FlushKING a Complete Repair Pack that will not give you the best Dual Flush unit but also a fully adjustable ball valve or fill valve to save even more water and give you a fast filling and quiet operation cistern.