It seems that in the UK we just can't get enough of flushing the toilet. There are estimated to be 43.5 million toilets in the UK and these are flushed on average 9 times a day. That is a lot of flushing.

However, there is reason to believe that here is logic in only flushing when required. If you think about it, do you actually need to flush every time? Do you need to flush paper when you have just blown your nose?


Don't flush money down the drain

Reducing how much you flush every time you use the loo is a great way to save money and water resources. So as long as you keep on top of things and are comfortable with it then you should go for it. It's really not necessary to flush the toilet every, single time

If you have an old cistern or siphon then it is probably flushing an ungodly 9 litres of water each time. You should fit a dual flush unit from FlushKING as well as a, top press, lever or push button. You now have two ways to flush - full or half.

So set the FlushKING to 6 litres of water (which is more than adequate to flush a toilet). You can save 3 litres every flush this way, and if you use the half flush (3 litres) for that one penny flush then you will really start to make a big splash in terms of saving water and money.


Flushing your toilet to be set by the EU