Leak-Stopping Steps to Save Water and Save Money

Because a leaking toilet will waste water at an astonishing rate - as much as 750 liters a day - it deserves your full and fast attention before it dents the local water supply overall. Happily, if you can identify the problem, it’s usually easy to fix. There’s an 8-step process that should help you determine if your toilet has a leak, and fix it. First, remove the lid from the toilet tank; add a few drops of food coloring or a capful of colored fabric softener to the water in the tank; wait 10 minutes; check the water in the toilet bowl for signs of the added color. If it does, your toilet has a leak. Next, shut off the running toilet; in the tank, mark the water level with a marker or pencil; wait 10 minutes; if the water level has fallen below the mark, the flush valve is causing the leak. If the level doesn’t fall, check the overflow tube to see if water is running through it. If so, you’ll need to replace the toilet fill valve.

Where the Toilet Meets the Floor . . .

Another cause of a leaking toilet and other toilet problems is at the seal where the toilet meets the floor. This is a bad leak that will eventually rot the floor, the subfloor, or even the framing around the toilet and allow sewer gas to escape into the bathroom. A small pool of water where the toilet meets the floor may indicate that much more water is trapped beneath it. If you’re fortunate, this will require only  that you replace the pan connector (the piece that fits between the bowl of your toilet and the wall) and then set the toilet back in place. You’ll have to remove the toilet, but you can accomplish the entire project within about an hour.

We Have the Repair Kit to Stop That Leak

FlushKING has in stock a full range of toilet repair kits for unit upgrade and home repairing of any leaks in any toilet. Repair Pack 1 is designed for repair or refurbishment of a top flush cistern that accommodates a fixed 8” high fill valve, with full or half dual flush. Pack 2, also for top flush cisterns, includes adjustable fill valve, flush valve, and cistern re-fixing kit; select Pack 3 or Pack 4 to repair a cable flush cistern; Pack 5 for a cable lever flush with fixed bottom fill cistern; and Pack 6 is the assembled for home repair of cable lever flush with adjustable bottom fill cistern.  All repair packs have a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. Also in stock at FlushKING are clear and white anti-fungal silicone sealant for high-humidity areas, and waterproof Plumbers Mait non-setting, non-cracking putty.

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Ask a FlushKing Professional

Before you start any repair project, be sure to consult a FlushKING professional for advice on the tools you’ll need and the repair pack best suited to return your toilet to optimal function. From new toilets, toilet parts, lift chains and seats, to clogged toilets, view our how to guides on common toilet problems.