Having problems with Thomas Dudley toilet?

Toilets are an essential part of the home and have been evolving over the years and have seen may innovations.

The Thomas Dudley range of toilets, cisterns and parts has been around for a long time and although a good brand unfortunately it is a bit stuck in the past.

The mechanisms that are often found in Thomas Dudley toilets are slightly old fashioned and use old style technology.

This is great but unfortunately not very 21st century and creates reliance upon old tech and often with older units, less efficient at saving water.

In previous version they often used a ball valve and float and a traditional syphon.

Replacement to a Thomas Dudley fill valveAll very tried and tested but things have moved on as we know, you need to Bin the Ball!  Why would you want a lever style valve with little or no adjustment when you can have a modern fully adjustable fill valve like the FlushKING BE3 brass shank.

The syphon is also fairly limited in its adjustments and relies upon often a lever that cannot offer full or half flush. It is also bulky and relies upon links and plungers that become temperamental and need replacing.

It has been a popular brand and suited a style and replacement market but it has only replaced like for like technology.

There is nothing wrong with the products it is just a shame that rather than taking the toilet world forward the mechanisms are still the same.

We all need to save money, energy and resources and having the most up to date toilet mechanisms might not seem like an amazing way to do this but it all helps and you can do your little bit for the environment.

Whatever toilet you have it is worth upgrading to a new mechanism on both the fill and flush as you can save water.