Have you got toilet Problems?

The best way to combat the detrimental effect that in tank cleaning products do to your toilet components is to not use them at all. If you are confused with this statement please let us explain. We are not talking about bleach or the toilet duck that you may use on your toilet bowl we are talking about the products that you may drop into your toilet cistern to give a blue, green or yellow flush. The problem with these in tank bleaches and cleaning products is that they are not good for all the mechanical or rubber parts that make your tank fill and flush.



Here at FlushKING they are the devil and cause rubber washers to stick, swell and distemper. So if you need to clean your toilet and want it always smelling fresh and clean use an in bowl cleaning on one of those funny stick on gluey bowl clingy things.












So it is good to be clean and smelly but it is far better to flush and fill than not!