Prevent Hard Water Problems for Years to Come

We know from experience that one of the biggest causes of water issues in appliances and the home comes from hard water. Unfortunately we're not all lucky enough to live in a soft water area. With 60% of the British population suffering from water hardness in some form, you’re sure to have seen the results first hand. Luckily, here at FlushKING we’ve got some new products that can help protect from the build up of limescale and subsequent corrosion due to it.

You probably don’t know that hard water is estimated to be responsible for around 70% of equipment failure, but only 6% of people have a softener device to help prevent the build-up. According to British Water, an average family of four accumulates around 70kg of limescale in 12 months, but only a very small amount can affect your heating efficiency. If you want to save energy and water and help the planet at the same time, the Homescale Protect might be a great investment that can protect the whole house.

It is also said that soft water also has a more neutral taste, and some people do not like the taste of tap water if they live in a hard water area. This often means that people resort to installing an expensive water filter system to help improve the taste and quality of their drinking water. Typically these water filtration systems regularly need their water filter cartridge replaced on a regular basis to maintain its effectiveness.

The HomeScale Protect

The Homescale Protect effectively prevents corrosion and limescale creation and is suitable for drinking and hot water distribution. It uses various techniques to disrupt the water flow in order to stop scale formation further down the water line. It contains discs of titanium and copper that create a small galvanic current. This current stops the ability of scale to form calcite (caCO3) crystals and allows the mineral content to flow safely through as aragonite (still CaCO3). Fitting a Homescale Protect inline unit has very little effect on water pressure and does not impact on household mains water pressure, unlike water softeners that can take up to 1bar pressure from the mains and limit the use of an unvented cylinder.

This great, high quality product can protect central heating boilers, hot water cylinders, multipoint water heaters, immersion heaters, washing machines, shower heads, dishwashers, kettles, and coffee machines, in fact any water boiling products from being clogged up by nasty deposits. This in the long run, can save money on energy bills by making your appliances more efficient and can even extend their life span by a couple of years. As it’s not a water softener, it needs no maintenance and doesn’t use salt, so no extra costs. Because of this, unlike other comparable products, it causes no damage to the environment and water will leave your home sediment free. It also has easy installation that can be done quickly by a plumber. Just connect it to your water supply.

A great benefit with the Homescale Protect is the loyalty scheme that you could be a part of. By registering your products or sharing on social media you can earn points that can be spent on really great prizes such as Google Home products or vouchers. To find how you can earn yours, visit the website now.

The WashBall

Another product that works really well with the Homescale Protect is the WashBall. The WashBall is a small ball that you can put in washing machines, dishwashers and most importantly for us at FlushKING, toil cisterns. It includes an electrode system of conductive materials that together form a system that removes the hardness of the water.

Hard water and limescale build up in toilet cisterns, can be a nightmare and cause some serious damage. The WashBall can prevent this build up and stop issues that are associated with limescale within your toilet such as blocked flushes or leaking valves, keeping it clear and fresh. As it uses similar technology to the Homescale Protect, it has all the same benefits. The removal of the calcium by the WashBall means that less grey water is getting into our seas and rivers. In fact, the WashBall is not just maintaining water quality, it’s also contributing to the protection of our environment by reducing the amount of harmful substances that escape into our water ways. It doesn’t add any chemicals to the water, it just removes hard water fragments which means your colours stay fresh and bright with no interruption. It’s also built to last, with a service life of 10,000 flushes so it’ll be at its best for years to come.

If you’re bored of seeing the results of hard water and limescale, these products could be the answer. Their simple technology, really works, and with no maintenance could really help save water and energy for years to come. Whether it’s just for your cistern, with the WashBall or a whole home solution with the HomeScale Protect, give them a go and see the results for yourself.