What is the most popular complete toilet repair pack?

If you have found this blog and arrived on the FlushKING website then things are not going great.

There is nothing worse than a temperamental toilet and no-one likes to talk about it. Luckily here at FlushKING we do and are happy to listen to your problems and hopefully the website and videos will give you an understanding of a pretty much unknown topic.

The mechanisms in toilets and how they operate is actually quite un-discovered which is bonkers seeing as we use it every day and sometimes maybe after a night out, all through the night. Toilets are really reliable and taken for granted until they go wrong. This is where we come in and we hope that you discover just how easy it is to repair your toilet.

This moves us on to, what is the best way to repair your toilet and what to buy. The best way to repair you toilet and get it all up to date with the best water saving mechanisms is to purchase a Complete Repair Pack. We have put together the best packs with the most common items to give you the best deal and the easiest option.

This might seem a daunting prospect but it is easy and you actually do not really need a lot of complicated tools or plumbing pastes or putty’s. The first thing you need to do is consider what you have got now. This is called lifting the lid and having a look, that is the easy bit and you would be surprised how many people have never actually had a good look in their toilet cistern or tank.

The next thing to do is establish what type of mechanisms and connections you have. The most popular items are a bottom entry ball valve or fill valve and a button flush. If you have a lever flush you can choose the Complete Repair Pack 5 or 6 and the only difference is the model of bottom entry ball valve.

The various Complete Repair Packs contain the following:

Complete toilert repair pack 1CRP1 – This is a standard push button top press unit with a basic ball valve. This pack is for any cistern that has the button flush on the top.

It helps make the toilet more economical to flush as you can set the amount of water that is used.

Complete toilet repair pack CRP2 – Exactly the same as CRP1 but offers an up rated ball valve that is adjustable and easier for the enthusiastic DIY’er.

Also useful if you are unsure on what height to set the fill in the cistern.

complete toilet repair pack 3CRP3 – This is a cable flush push button that allows the button to be placed anywhere on the cistern.

Ideal for all types of cisterns and can replace the old lever style if necessary.The fill valve or ball valve is bottom entry and not adjustable.

Complete toilet repair pack 4CRP4 – This is exactly the same as above but includes an adjustable fill valve for superior quiet filling and easy installation.

Once plumbed into the cistern, the stem can be adjusted to fit your cistern height.

complete toilet repair pack 5CRP5 – Fairly new to the range, it uses modern technology to replace the old fashioned, temperamental lever handle flush with a more reliable cable.

So you can bin the ball and lose the lever here and get into the 21st Century. This pack contains a great basic bottom entry fill valve.

complete toilet repair pack 6CRP6 – A upgraded version of the previous pack with an adjustable ball valve that offers complete adjustment on the amount of water in the cistern.

This enables you to set the fill height to match your overflow.