What is the difference between a lever and dual flush toilet valve?

Any discussion on toilet repair and differences in mechanisms for toilets get us riled up ad excited and the question of lever and dual flush is a perfect example.

We understand that for the normal person a toilet is just something then visit a few times a day and maybe not actually spend that much time in.

Here at FlushKING we love routing around in the bathroom and lifting the lid to see what things are lurking underneath.

Maybe we are a bit weird and definitely do not expect you to hold toilets in such esteem. So here we are to help and offer a hopefully easy explanation of both definitions.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="150"]Standard lever syphon When the lever is pressed it lifts the hook on the syphon to allow water to pass into the toilet bowl.[/caption]

The lever flush is a type of handle that operates the flush valve or siphon. This lifts the valve in the cistern to release the water and flush the bowl.

Most of the original and old fashioned toilets went from a pull flush to a lever flush because cisterns started to be mounted on top of the toilet.

With the advent of cisterns being close to the toilet it became necessary to make the pulling of the chain close to hand.

The lever was created and attached to the siphon using a link mechanism which you still see in a lot of toilet.

You can lose the lever and go for a push button but this up to you. So a lever flush is a style and describes what it looks like.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="150"]Dual flush valve Dual Flush buttons and levers are available.[/caption]

The dual flush is the operation and performance of the siphon or flush valve. A dual flush valve is a fairly recent invention and has been developed to reduce water wastage.

This is because it has different volumes of flushing or opening size depending on the part of the button pressed.

In all of dual flush mechanisms you need a big and small flush and this is denoted by a different sized crescent on a circular button and a up or down on a lever flush.

The button or lever normally have a image to show half and full flush so you can save money and water depending on what you do in the toilet.

Toilet repair is easy and please do not get hung up on terms please just drop us a line we will be happy to help.