If you have an old fashioned Lav or Lavie depending where you are in the UK then you are in luck because FlushKING has it all.

We maybe new kids on the block and all the components are completely modern, labour and water saving but we still have to nod to the past.

So if you have an old lavatory please do not worry because all of the FlushKING products are suitable replacements.

If you have an older Lav then more than likely you will have a ball valve and float and a lever flush. Push button or air mechanisms are really fairly new and work in a different way to control the valve.

The lever is also generally on the side or front of the cistern or you could even have a raised tank with a flush pipe and old fashioned pull chain.

Whatever you have the way it operates is easily replaceable and new parts are available from FlushKING.

The main lavatory problems if you are looking at an old toilet is more than likely the ball valve not closing due to scale or the syphon not opening or closing.

The first thing to do is to diagnose the issue and you are going to have to lift the lid. Old lav’s are china so be careful and see what is either stuck, corroded or loose.

If the mechanism attached to the handle is broken then you need to fit a Dual Flush Cable lever unit that will replace the whole siphon with an up to date flush valve with a cable operated mechanism.

If it is the ball valve then it could be stuck in the open position and the valve seat not closing. There is then a bit of investigation to do to see if the water comes in at the bottom or side of the cistern.

This will then determine what style of fill valve you use and we have both and all are massively more economical than old fashioned ball valves.

So do not throw out the baby with the bath water, you can fix that lavatory and there is a replacement part for your toilet you just need to call or visit our website.