Here at FlushKING we are trying to create a jargon busting resource to help you repair that troubled toilet. Toilet repair is easy and you shouldn't just take our word for it, check out the video section and then feel free to post your own so that we can then solve your problem. However, if you just have a question please ask.

Please do not be afraid to lift the lid and look inside your toilet cistern! You may have something that looks like this:


[caption id="attachment_130" align="alignnone" width="415"]photo 2 Broken toilet[/caption]


What to do

As you can see you have the siphon or flush valve and side entry ball valve - a siphon is old technology and generally only offers a full flush and is not adjustable, unlike the FlushKING dual flush which is fully adjustable.

The FlushKING Dual Flush units have a small yet modern profile so it can easily fit into the smallest of cisterns or tanks. It also offers a selection between half and full flush. The Top press unit is as it suggests operated by two pencil push rods that are operated by buttons. These buttons are housed in a clean chrome plate shroud, that uses a half moon appearance which then demonstrates to the user which button gives the biggest flush.


The bigger the moon the bigger the flush

You can choose how much you need to flush according to what you have in the bowl or pan. The Top Press Dual Flush unit is also adjustable on each flush. So you can reduce the amount of water in a full and half flush. So you can adjust the 6 litre full flush down to what you think you require rather that the present 9 litres that you may have.

It is a direct replacement for most toilets that have either a top press mechanism or on the top of the tank button or actually it can be used as a replacement for the lever flush. As per the photograph you could have a neat button on the front of the tank/cistern rather than the old unsightly lever, so benefiting from dual flush technology.