At least once, every tenant or homeowner is faced with a temperamental, perhaps even rebellious, toilet. To take care of this problem the first thing you must do is lift the toilet lid and become familiar with how your toilet works, what appears to be wrong with it, and what parts you need to make the required repair.

FlushKING has assembled a Complete Repair Pack for every type of toilet, and all come with an efficient water saving mechanism and instructions for the easiest possible installation. If you need flush valve or fill valve replacement, floating arm or ballcock repair or replacement, if your toilet leaks from bowl or base, we have in stock every part you’ll need. Our expert staff will help you assemble every tool and part you’ll need.

Stop That Running Toilet!

If your toilet runs too often or constantly using water supply, the remedy may be simple. Remove the lid on the water tank and lift the floating arm. If this makes the toilet stop running, the problem is that the water level isn’t sufficient to raise the arm and stop the water running. Check to see if the arm is aligned properly and, if needed, gently bend the arm to straighten it. Flush the toilet to see if it raises freely and the water stops. If this fails to solve these toilet problems, then unscrew the ball from the arm and check to see if there’s any water in it. Empty it, reattach it, and the problem should be solved - or you may need to replace the ball.

Check the Valve, Seal and Joint

The flush valve at the bottom of the tank may require your attention. If this valve closes too quickly it will prevent adequate water from filling the tank. You’ll find three or four different height settings that you can try until enough water flows into the toilet.

Another source of leaking may be the flapper seal assembly. You’ll have to drain the toilet tank and check it for corrosion. If scouring doesn’t solve the problem, or if any of the assembly is rusted or damaged, you may have to replace the entire mechanism.

Other problems you may be able to address yourself are a leaking toilet joint between water tank and toilet bowl.  Simply tightening the nuts and replacing the washers may solve the problem. And don’t neglect to clean the water ports on the underside of the toilet rim. If you find cracks or leaks in the bowl or tank you’ll probably have to replace the toilet.

Complete Repair Kits in Stock

FlushKING Complete Repair Kits address all the problems you have with toilet flush, toilet fill valves, flapper valves, issues with water supply valves, filling up, and leaking. Repair Pack 1 will equip you to repair or refurbish a top flush WC cistern with push button on the countertop. The fill valve included is designed for cisterns with a fixed 8" high fill valve, and the dual flush valve allows a full or half flush. Pack 2 addresses adjustable bottom fill; Pack 3 is for cable flush mechanism and fixed bottom fill; Pack 4 is for an older lever toilet cistern with a top flush cistern cover or inside furniture; Pack 5 is designed for complete cistern repair with lever flush and fill valve to repair or refurbish an old lever WC; and Pack 6 includes a fill valve adjustable to fit different size cisterns to provide full or half flush.

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