The definition of a toilet is actually changed quite considerably and here at FlushKING we would argue that the toilets of 4000 years ago where so primitive they could not really be classed as toilets. As humans it is a necessity to go and as an act that can happen for some people a lot more frequently it is no wonder that we started to get better at how it was performed. In the early days people developed a primitive seat to make it more comfortable and used a bucket of water to flush it away. This is termed a toilet but FlushKING would argue that this is not really a toilet and the invention of the proper toilet did not come around until 1596 invented by Sir John Harrington with a flushing lav with a cistern. In studying the history of toilets there still was a reluctantly to use this system and there were really only in general use in the late 19th Century. That is 400 years later!!

Toilets and flushing where definitely the fad with the rich and the Victorian era kicked off the style of a toilet in the house and in most poor areas they still relied on the earth closet which did not even use water. So it is debatable when toilets actually became toilets and although Sir John invented it with a cistern it was not actually patent until 1775 by Alexander Cumming. Then the actual bowl was just a bowl and the pedestal toilet did not come in till 1884. Furthermore un-believably toilet roll paper was invented in the USA in 1890 and did not go on sale in Europe until 1928.

So what have we been doing with toilets for so many years and why did it take so long to get a good flushing lav with paper and a good way to get rid of the waste.

Who knows but that is why FlushKING has 21st Century solutions to a 2000 year old problem!