Believe it or not this is quite a common problem and one that here at FlushKING UK we can fix for you. So not only do we sell a range of toilet repair product to help you solve you flushing problems but we also do supernatural out of these world solutions.

Ghost flushing is where for no reason a toilet flushes into the bowl. This could be after you have just flushed it or just randomly hence the name. It occurs due to a number of problems that might be present in your cistern.

The first one is constantly running water and this is caused by the diaphragm or flaps on the flush valve or siphon being permanently open. This is can be caused by debris stuck in the opening or too much water in the tank. The first is easily resolved by cleaning or changing the washer in the siphon. Siphons or flush valves occur in different styles and a modern dual flush valve like the FK-DF Top Press will have a combined overflow whereas the FK-SS Siphon style will have an overflow in the side of the tank.

Lift the lid and have a look first and identify where the problem is coming from. If you can get your hand in and just feel the washer on the bottom of the plunger then you can remove the debris or scale.

For a standard siphon like the FK-SS then you are going to have to take the toilet apart but you may find that the lever arm is stuck in the up position so that the valve cannot return properly. Check out videos online at and others like the below.

If you need a new siphon then it is an ideal time to upgrade to a dual flush as it will save you money.

The other cause of ghost flushing or constant running of water is the ball valve continuing to fill the cistern and not shutting off or it is set to the incorrect fill level. This problem is really common in the US as they have what is called a refill tube which does exactly what it implies. This fills the bowl with water up to a set height. We do not have this in the UK as we have smaller toilet bowls and keep a smaller amount standing water in it. It could be said that we have smaller bums and less number ones and twos than in the US. So the constant overflowing of the internal overflow into the bowl is easily rectified by either adjusting the water levels or again changing the ball valve and updating to a state of the art Brass Shank Adjustable FK-BE3.

So get the ghouls out of your toilet and start lifting the lid and do not be scared FlushKING is here to help. We have loads of knowledge and it is all FREE!!!