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Different parts require different methods

When you are fitting a new ball valve or fill valve it is important to find one that will easily replace the one found in your pre-existing toilet. Different size cisterns or tanks may require certain types of fill valve.

This is one of the main reasons that having an adjustable fill valve is important.  One of the main differences between FlushKING and Fluidmaster is that the former is more suited to the UK market. This is because Fluidmaster was originally developed for the US and their bigger tank sizes, we have smaller tanks so we have different sized fill valves.

FlushKING – Adjustable between 225mm and 330mm

Fluidmaster – Adjustable between 230mm and 355mm


Adjusting the water level

One other really important point is to take note of how much water can be saved by adjusting the water level.

Fluidmaster – 25mm water adjustment level.

FlushKING – You can adjust the water level up to 50mm so saving a whole load of water.
DIY isn't difficult. You just need to make sure that you have the right tools and equipment. FlushKING is designed for the UK and all the little nuances that come with over 200 years of plumbing history. This is why the FlushKING dual flush valve works straight out of the box.

Fluidmaster – needs a insert to work with low pressure

FlushKING – factory set to work with high and low pressure.

You can buy our range of FlushKING products now available for next day delivery.

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