Bring you and your toilet into the 21st Century with a Dual Flush Lever Siphon (Flush valve). What is it we hear you say at the experts in toilet repair FlushKING! Ok let’s start from the beginning...

Most toilets in the UK have a standard siphon which is not only un-reliable but also cannot be controlled. The siphon is the large thing in the middle of your toilet cistern and dumps (literally) the water into the bowl to remove wees’ and poos’. This is where the term flush valve comes from and now most siphons are valves because they are much more engineered and responsive. Most people now understand that in the UK resources are limited and because of our Clean Water Act all water that comes through our mains is drinking water that has been refined. So flushing clean drinking water down the pan is not great but we have little alternative useless we use grey water systems but this is not generally available in most houses in the UK. So how do we save money and water? Controlling what we flush is a major factor into saving water and this is where dual flush valves come into play as they can be fully adjusted between a half and full flush. This is performed on the Cable Lever Flush by UP for half and DOWN for a full. So when you only have a little one to get rid of why flush so much water. All FlushKING valves have new standards of the maximum amount of water that they flush and this has gone from 9 Litres to 6 Litres and then combined with the dual flush technology it could be as little as 2 or 3 litres.

The lever operation of this flush valve is to replace older style handles that used to be a lot more common. Toilets that are installed in schools or public places have the lever on either the front or side of the cistern. The Cable Lever flush will work anywhere on the cistern so the flexibility to change it place according to the holes in the cistern is numerous. Old fashioned levers used a plastic or even metal link affair to raise a plunger on the siphon which you can probably see if you lift the lid. These being metal in parts corrode and loose operation. What we have done with our new Lever valves is use enclosed cable that works like the brake on your bike to operate the valve to flush the toilet. It is simple but effective and means that it is far more responsive and lasts longer. It also reduces the parts in the cistern that can fail and become more reliable which is important in a high use environment.

It is a simple upgrade using a simple product that saves so much water that really should be a product that is exclusively sold. Saving water is easy it just takes a little bit of effort at a time and we are here to help so any questions you have please feel free.