Fix your toilet

You can fix your toilet, with some basic tools, the right part and our handy video guides.

As much as we all love getting a plumber around it is always nice to have a bit of an idea or even better still have a go yourself! Ok so most people do not really look inside their toilet but do you know what it is not that scary.

Toilets just operate by a series of valves and levers and if you can have a good look then it is quite easy to ascertain what does what. So lift the lid and have a look!

We have some great videos and preparation is the key so do your research before and it will be much easier.

So what is going to go wrong and what should you be looking for?

There are a number of common indicators and these can be found all listed on our site. The most common ones are to do with flushing and filling.

If your toilet is not filling then it is to do with the ball valve. It can get stuck or scaled up and it is actually an easy replacement if you follow one of our videos.

The good thing about toilet repair is you do not really need complicated tools, just what is listed on our site.

If you toilet is not flushing then it is your syphon or flush valve. This is a bit more involved as you do need to take the cistern and toilet apart.

Once again it is best to be prepared and we have some great free videos on our site to watch first before you try and get your hands dirty.

If you are still not happy and cant fix your toilet yourself, then give the plumber a call but it is always handy if he knows what to expect when he arrives and you can definitely point him or her in our direction because we ship goods on a next day delivery service in most parts of the country.

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