Fix a Toilet in 5 easy ways

Toilets have been around for well over two thousand years in one shape or form.

The need to have a bit of privacy and in a safe and secure place has been on mankind’s lists of things to do for many centuries.

It is an intimate time of the day and nowadays we want to feel warm and hygienic and if the toilet is not working then the entire nice ambiances are ruined.

So if you find that fixing your toilet is on your list of things to do then here are the top five things that may need fixing and how to fix them.

  1. Toilet not flushing – This is annoying and the more you flush the less it works. So how can you rectify this? Well first you need to lift the lid and see what is happening. If the cistern is not filling up then it is your ball valve and if the lever or push button is not activating your siphon then it is the flush valve.
  2. Toilet constantly running – Not so annoying unless it is in your bedroom or you are experiencing water torture with a constant drip. This can be two things either a faulty ball valve not closing off or a siphon not closing properly.
  3. Toilet blocked – Ooh this is a bad one and something at FlushKING we do not like to talk about. Only one thing solves this... it has to be unblocked, by whatever means!
  4. Water running outside – This is due to the overflow which in older toilets just ran outside and often down the side of the house. Not only does it look tragic but does real damage to brickwork. This is caused by the ball valve not shutting off and the overflow doing its job but this is not good.
  5. Toilet is flushing too much water – This is a disaster and if you do lots of no.1’s rather than no.2’s what the point of all that wastage! Get a dual flush water saving flush valve and an adjustable fill valve and get a grip.