FlushKING – The 5 most common toilet problems

Most people take their toilets for granted and never lift the lid or prepare for a problem. This is when FlushKING comes to the rescue and pop ups on their radar. Toilet problems can ruin your day and having to free up some un-wanted cargo in a pan is not the sort of thing you want to do before breakfast.

So just what are the most common toilet problems?

Well we come across them all the time and have developed a range of products that can fix all the mechanical issues that arise.

  • The main one and probably the most frustrating is a toilet not flushing. This can be caused by the flush valve or syphon not opening. Or it could be that the cistern has not filled and there is not any water to flush. So the best thing to do is lift the lid and have a look to see what is happening. We have some great videos on FlushKING to see what to do now.

  • Another common toilet problem is the cistern or tank not filling up so preventing a flush. In all toilets there is a ball valve and this can be side entry or bottom entry. If it is stuck closed then it will not let any water into the toilet. This can be caused by scale and wear and tear and can be resolved by a bit of cleaning but you may want to consider replacing you valve.

  • Problem number three is really annoying and this is that constantly dripping sound that can keep you awake at night. This is where the ball valve is letting by and dripping into the tank. This again can be caused by wear and tear and scale and means cleaning out and possibly disassembling the valve. Whatever you do make sure you turn off the water first.
  • The next problem is a similar issue but constantly running water into the toilet bowl. This is caused by the siphon or flush valve not closing properly. If you have a lever operated toilet then it could be stuck up, if it is push button or something similar then the valve is not seating properly. This allows water to flow into the bowl and can be caused by debris or the seal being damaged. Again this is easily rectified by fitting a new flush valve and we also sell Complete Repair packs which mean you can fully uprate all your components of the toilet.
  • Problem number five is a flappy lever or soft button, and we would not wish this on anyone. If you have a push button then it can go all limp and just not work. If you have a lever and it has gone all flappy then you have got a broken mechanism. This will mean that your toilet will just not flush and you will need to have a look to see what has broken. This is all connected to the flush valve and we offer cable operated valves that are just far superior and more reliable than old style mechanisms.


So happy flushing and good luck.