European Union


After research that has lasted nearly three years and costing in excess of £100,000, Eurocrats have
decided to standardise toilet flush capacities across the EU!

With the standardization meaning that a half flushwill be three litres, a full flush will be five litres
and urinal one litre it is no better time to fit a FlushKING unit in your toilet!
The UK has the worst record in Europe for usage of water the literally gets flushed down the toilet. At the moment the standard cistern contains six litres and obviously in older properties that contain historical cisterns it could be a whole lot more. The research was funded by the European Commission and studied European-wide habits in the lavatory and urinal and they are considering a EU “Eco-label” which is due in the later part of 2014!


Water Used by Domestic Toilets

There are two key features that change water consumption in toilets and that is the design of the
toilet or cistern and the behaviour of the user. The user behaviour is critical and was studied across
different countries in the EU and varied between each one and even citizens of the same country
had different flushing habits.The UK topped the charts with 1,125 million cubic metres of water
used by domestic toilets followed by Italy 1074m, and Germany 1021m. Throughout the EU they
discovered that 25 percent of domestic water was used for flushing the British figure was over 30
percent while Luxembourg used 33 percent.

The lowest user of water was Finland who flushed the least at 14 percent of all household usage!

Water Used by Public Toilets

Britain has 45.3 million private and public toilets which is the fourth highest number in the EU.
Flushing your toilet to be set by the EUGermany has 77 million, Spain 49.2m, Italy 46.5m and France who has a higher population than
the UK has 3.3 million less toilets. The most urinals in Europe are in Italy with 8.2 million!
The proposal will be that a member state will award a Eco-label status to products, in this case it
will be to urinals sand toilets. The Eco-label will guide consumers into making the correct choice
when purchasing a new unit.

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