September 2018 - FlushKing.

  1. How To Fix A Toilet

    How To Fix A Toilet

    At least once, every tenant or homeowner is faced with a temperamental, perhaps even rebellious, toilet. To take care of this problem the first thing you must do is lift the toilet lid and become familiar with how your toilet works, what appears to be wrong with it, and what parts you need to make the required repair. FlushKING has...
  2. Repairing a Leaking Toilet, How To Repair a Toilet

    Repairing a Leaking Toilet, How To Repair a Toilet

    Leak-Stopping Steps to Save Water and Save Money Because a leaking toilet will waste water at an astonishing rate - as much as 750 liters a day - it deserves your full and fast attention before it dents the local water supply overall. Happily, if you can identify the problem, it’s usually easy to fix. There’s an 8-step process that...
  3. How To Replace a Toilet

    How To Replace a Toilet

    Consult a FlushKING Professional first:  Replacing an old toilet is usually a project of last resort, though color, style, and the need to modernize an old bathroom may be equal motivators. The new mechanisms in your new toilet will save both water and money. FlushKING professionals are ready to advise you on the supplies, tools and information you’ll need to do...

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