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Do you have a leaking toilet? Are you looking for parts? Looking to save water?

Side Entry Fill Valve (1/2")

£6.49 Inc VAT
£5.41 Ex VAT

Replacement side entry fill valve with 1/2" British standard threaded shank, universal replacement for all side entry cisterns.


  • Anti syphon prevents back flow and contamination of water supply
  • 1/2” British standard threaded shank
  • Install with lock nut provided
  • Requires hand tightening only
  • Consistent quiet flow
  • No bag
  • Easy twist water level adjustment with a range of over 50mm
  • Fill valve operating pressure 0.2bar - 5.5bar


Why buy a FlushKING side entry fill valve?

Because it is cheap, reliable, efficient and simple to install.

Your old ball cock with the plastic float used to do the job as that was the best technology available at the time. But this new product isn't affected by limescale or corrosion - it regulates the flow with modern diaphragm technology, and you can choose how much water you want to fill up your cistern.

Get efficient with a side entry fill valve. If you know that you need a bottom entry fill valve, then click the link to view that product.


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  • Model: FK-SE1
  • Manufactured by: FlushKING


Did you know?

Levels of Water StressThe Environment Agency has developed a methodology for identifying and classifying relative levels of water stress in water company areas in England. The Government has used this map to designate areas of serious water stress for the purpose of accelerating water metering.

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