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Do you have a leaking toilet? Are you looking for parts? Looking to save water?

Video guide to toilet repair

Welcome to the FlushKING TV guide to fixing toilet cistern problems.

The following video's will guide you through how to repair or refurbish a toilet cistern that isnt working as it should, from a fill valve that wont fill to a flush valve that wont flush and everything in between.

Our first video is an introduction to the FlushKING range and is presented by James, our friendly plumber.

See what our customers say!

"I wanted to thank you for the instruction video attached to the bottom fill inlet fixing for the toilet. I used it to change my inlet myself. I could not have done it without you. I have no plumbing skills but I managed to diagnose the problem, buy the right part and fix my own toilet. Thank you for the clear video. Absolutely brilliant.”
Stephanie L.


The Range review by James from Plumberparts.co.uk

See the full range and benefits of the FlushKING range.

James gives us an outline of the products available from FlushKING and tells us how they can save us money on our water bills.


 FlushKING products

Channel 1.

How to change a top fixed Push Button Flush Valve in a toilet.

How to install a fixed top button flush unit

James will guide you through removing your old inefficient flush valve and then talk you through how to install the new FlushKING top fixed buttonflush valve.

 Fixed top push Button Flush Valve

Channel 2.

How to change a side entry fill valve in a cistern.

How to change a side entry fill valve

Now James will show you just how easy it is to replace a noisey, leaky or faulty side entry fill valve with a quiet and efficient bottom filling FlushKING side entry fill valve.

 The FlushKING Side Entry Fill Valve

Channel 3.

How to change a bottom entry fill valve in a toilet.

How to install a bottom entry fill valve

James uses the Brass shanked bottom fill adjustable fill valve to show you how to replace a bottom entry fill valve.

The FlushKING Bottom Entry, Brass Shank Fill Valve

Channel 4.

How to update your lever flush toilet cistern to a Push button dual flush.

How to upgrade your toilet cistern to a push button dual flush toilet

James will take you through the process of upgrading your old water guzzling lever cistern to a modern dual flush push button toilet with the FlushKING Flexi Mount Dual Flush Valve.

FlushKING FlexiMount Dual Flush Valve


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