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Do you have a leaking toilet? Are you looking for parts? Looking to save water?

Complete Repair Pack 4 - Cable Flush - Adjustable Bottom Fill

£20.99 Inc VAT
£17.49 Ex VAT

The complete Cistern Repair Pack 4 with flush & fill valves

An ideal pack to repair or refurbish an old lever WC / toilet cistern with a top flush cistern cover or in a furniture unit where the push button is on the unit front. Bring old tired cisterns back to life and working like new. The fill valve in this pack will suit cisterns that can accomodate a fixed 8" high fill valve.

With a Dual flush allowing for full or half flush

Pack comprises of:

1 X FK-BE2 Bottom entry adjustable fill valve.

  • Easy twist water level adjustment with a range of 50mm.
  • Anti syphon.
  • Adjustable height 225mm  - 330mm to fit different size cisterns.
  • 1/2” British standard threaded plastic shank.
  • Install with lock nut provided.
  • Requires hand tightening only
  • Fill valve operating pressure 0.2bar - 5.5bar

1 X FK-DF-C Flexi Mount flush valve.

  • Wide range of water level adjustment for full and half flush.
  • Suitable for different tank dimensions.
  • Soft activation button.
  • Cable operated.
  • Button can be positioned on top of lid, front or side of tank.
  • 29cm cable

Dimensions -

  • Flush Valve Height : 193mm
  • Internal Overflow Height: 230mm
  • Width (including internal overflow): 125mm
  • Depth: 80mm
  • 1.1/2" British standard threaded outlet
  • Button Flange Width: 50mm
  • Width Of The Underside Of The Button: 40mm

1 X FK-K Cistern Re-Fixing Kit

  • A pair of Cistern bolts for re-fixing a close coupled cistern to the pan.
  • Rubber sealing washer
  • An overflow bung and washer.
  • Model: FK-AF-FM
  • Manufactured by: FlushKING


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