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Most popular complete Toilet Repair Pack ?

What is the most popular complete toilet repair pack? If you have found this blog and arrived on the FlushKING website then things are not going great. There is nothing worse than a temperamental toilet and no-one likes to talk about it. Luckily here at FlushKING we do and are happy to listen to your […]

How to move your toilet – FlushKING

FlushKING – How to move your toilet. If you, like us, love the toilet and find it the best place to sit and think and dream, then we are sure you may have thought “Is this the best place for my toilet”. It could be that you are not by a window or you have […]

Problems with a Thomas Dudley toilet – FlushKING

Having problems with Thomas Dudley toilet? Toilets are an essential part of the home and have been evolving over the years and have seen may innovations. The Thomas Dudley range of toilets, cisterns and parts has been around for a long time and although a good brand unfortunately it is a bit stuck in the […]

How to diagnose toilet problems!

Need help to diagnose toilet problems? If you have got toilet problems then it is always best to share a problem, because a problem shared is a problem halved! You may feel a bit shy or have the English reserve to start talking about your toilet but here at FlushKING your secret is safe with […]

World Toilet Day 2016

World toilet day 2016, raise your awareness. A lot of people in the developed world take toilets for granted and it is easily done especially here in the UK where we have over 40 million toilets. The problem is for the 2.4 billion people who do not have any access to a toilet going is […]

Lever or Dual flush?

What is the difference between a lever and dual flush toilet valve? Any discussion on toilet repair and differences in mechanisms for toilets get us riled up ad excited and the question of lever and dual flush is a perfect example. We understand that for the normal person a toilet is just something then visit […]

How to unblock a toilet

Toilets are a funny thing and for us here at FlushKING our heart and soul. If a toilet is not working then we want to know about it and try and solve what the problem is and where we can help. In one situation there is little we can do accept offer our sympathies and […]

Lavatory problems

If you have an old fashioned Lav or Lavie depending where you are in the UK then you are in luck because FlushKING has it all. We maybe new kids on the block and all the components are completely modern, labour and water saving but we still have to nod to the past. So if […]

Five easy ways to fix a toilet

Fix a Toilet in 5 easy ways Toilets have been around for well over two thousand years in one shape or form. The need to have a bit of privacy and in a safe and secure place has been on mankind’s lists of things to do for many centuries. It is an intimate time of […]

World Water Day 2016 – Flushking

World water day 2016 – Water Aid It comes around every year and every year it becomes more important because it is a resource that most people and countries take for granted. World Water Day is an important part of the calendar and actually should feature more as it raises awareness. Here at FlushKING we […]

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